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Risking Right Now

Personal share on the creative process I’m in right now… Right now, it’s very risky and emotionally challenging for me.
I’m in a phase of high creativity right now. I’m creating two new projects that I’m very passionate about. And with the bliss of each comes the challenges related to putting your voice out into the world, your raw truth, your two cents to be judged or ignored, to be loved or to be overlooked.

Anyhow, I’m risking things on two projects right now.

One project I’m launching is a show (8 min per episode) called “Awakening In Cars.” In it I go for a drive with a guest and we discuss waking up spiritually. There’s a lot of firsts in it for me, and therein lies the risk.

First time I’m sharing my spirituality, and the first time I’m editing video. I have a clear vision of the visual treatment I see as so important to its success.

I’m at the creative phase where I have to do all the heavy lifting, I have to make everything up as I go, and I have to do it all on faith that it’s worth the immense amount of time I’m putting into it with zero idea of how it may result in even a dime. So really, the challenge is in dedicating myself to something that might never find the audience I dream of and is not in any way a “way to make money.”

The second project I’ve titled, “STORY MAN”, and it’s me livecasting almost nightly on FB, telling stories from my life. I’ve decided to jump into this pool fully naked!

Telling stories from my life of course plays well into my experience with doing Man 1, Bank 0 – so the creative challenge is mostly familiar ground to me. But the challenge is still the same, telling stories poorly before I can tell them exceptionally! (Sometimes painful my friend. Sucky performances suck). Man 1, Bank 0 was a bad show for a year – for a year! During that year I failed HARD in front of audiences that were right in front of me.

Now, I’m challenging myself again by letting my “learning/developing/workshopping” performances be viewed by anyone of FB who cares to tune in live. So I’m starting over with new stories and risking it again live. My warts and weaknesses will show!

Yes, both projects are emotionally risky but I feel so fully engaged with my ideas and with my muses that the true reward is in the doing.

But then there’s just that part of me that hopes both projects are a rousing success in finding their way to the audiences and reception that I truly want for each. I feel it’s possible but there are no guarantees, especially in the world of artist endeavors, and the real possibility of failure.

I call the phase I’m in, The Second Phase of Creativity: RISKING.

For those of you clicking like on AWAKENING IN CARS, and like on STORY MAN livecasts, I cannot thank you enough for being supportive of me during this phase. Truly, you are doing me a world encouragement with each like and each comment. You are like my artistic patrons in a way that is more valuable to me than any dollars. So thank you from the bottom of my being.
For those of you with your own stories to tell, shows to create, art to hang, or whatever your muses invite and dare you to go forth with, I encourage you to Do It. Risk It. Brave the rejection. Brave the poor performances that come before the great ones. Go for it and stay strong when very few people care or even notice that you’re putting your heart and art on the line. Go for it, because sharing your self and your creative ideas – it makes life worth living.

And there’s a magic in it.

There’s a deep magic to risking. I promise.

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