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Patrick is a Hall of Fame Inspirational speaker, a bestselling author of three books, and a critically acclaimed, internally successful comedic theatre performer and writer. Patrick is renowned for his ability to light up a stage and rock an audience.

Patrick was raised by a hard-working single mother in a double-wide trailer surrounded by a dirt yard and the first from his family tree to go to college. He navigateds his life based on passion, and dares to go after his dreams based on possibility, not probability.

Speaker & Bestselling Author

With zero connections into the speaking world, at 26, Patrick set out to become a speaker and author. It was hard and he accumulated $45,000 of credit card debt. He worked from a desk made of milk crates and a board he found in the alley.

Today, Patrick is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, who has presented more than 1,250 outstanding speaking engagements for companies, associations, and universities. His client list includes world class organizations such as Google, Visa, Shell, Boeing and Motorola and universities such a Penn, Babson and NYU. By 35, he was sitting across from Barbara Walters being interviewed on national television.

Additionally, Patrick is a bestselling author of three books (Major in Success, Gearing Up for a Great Life, Man 1 Bank 0). Major In Success, helps college student identify and succeed at their passions, and has been selling well for 15 years with 120,000 copies sold, and counting.


Award-Winning Comedic Theater Actor/Writer/Director

At 36, Patrick spent a year suffering classrooms, criticism and tomatoes pursuing a big dream in theater. In his professional debut he was caught not knowing stage left from stage right. But within a year, he was selected by HBO as one of the funniest new shows in the world, and invited to perform with Chris Rock, Jack Black, Diane Keaton, and Drew Carey at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival.

A year later, he selling out shows Off-Broadway and blowing critics away with what Broadway World called,“The funniest, fastest moving, most fascinating show to hit New York in many a season.”

Today, he continues to tour his hilarious, international smash-hit, one man show, Man 1 Bank 0, to sold out audiences in theaters around the world. About him the Irish Herald said, “…Combs has a tremendous presence……..what a magnificent storyteller…….delightful delivery and terrific comic timing…A superb one-man show.” 



At 40, Patrick co-founded a global, personal development company. As the company’s Chief Transformational Officer, he led the creation of the company’s home-study personal development course, and its transformational conferences held at destination locations around the world. Additionally, he architected the company’s giving back program, which gave to charity on every sale. 

At the company’s height, before Patrick’s departure, the company had achieved more than 10,000 associates worldwide and annual revenues of 6 million plus.

Today, Patrick helps people succeed through his company, MIGHT, an online tool and community that enables people to accomplish phenomenal results in record time. 

Discovery Host

For 3 years, Patrick was also the interview host of a weekly live global teleconference show, “Beyond Discovery.” He probed the minds and lives of more than one hundred Millionaires, Gold Medalists, Bestselling Authors, Humanitarians, Doctors, Psychologists, Healers, Musicians, Athletes and Adventurers to learn the secrets to living great. 

Unusual biographical notes that made international headlines:

– In 1988, Patrick delivered a baby on a sidewalk in San Francisco while walking to work

– In 1995, Patrick deposited a $95,093.35 junk-mail check into his bank as a joke – the bank cashed it. The rest of the story is outrageous history and the basis of his book and touring show titled Man 1, Bank 0.

– In 1996, Patrick starred on the hit shows Hard Copy and Real TV doing man-on-the-street, hidden camera segments.


Achieve Epic Results with Patrick’s help

Patrick has improved the success, performance, passion, alignment, purpose, creativity and profit of countless individuals working with them strategically, one-on-one. Creative-types, speakers, performers, millionaire entrepreneurs, CEO’s, artists, college students, and direct sales superstars have sought out his expertise.


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