Patrick Combs - San Diego Motivational Speaker - Keynote Speaker
February 5th, 2013

Today I suggested my company walk away from a deal that's on the table with a billion dollar company.

I did so for one simple reason. We haven't felt good in the two meetings we've had with them so far.

They want to get started with us but they're pushy and uncomplimentary at the same time. I figure the same rule that applies to dating or friendship should apply tobusiness: If you go on a couple dates and don't feel good on each one, lose that person's number.

It doesn't matter how good looking the person is. If you don't feel good afterwards, don't go back for more.

Seek to do business with people that love what you do and treat you well. Your greatest rewards in life will always flow from choosing things you enjoy, not tolerate, in life.

January 10th, 2013

There are two things you can be about:

The Score. Or…

The Work.

If you’d like to make some money faster, be about The Score. Take or make whatever product you think will sell and quickly get to selling it for as much as you think you can grab.

Many people are about The Score. You’re about The Score if you have your mind firmly trained on the dollars and the deals. I’ve been behind the scenes with people who are about The Score.  I can tell you from experience if you want dollars faster, put your energy into becoming great at selling. Period. Selling. Selling yourself. Selling your product. Selling the Dream. Selling. As much as I tried to make it different, my previous company was about The Score. So is that toy company that sells a crap kid toy that breaks in a day.


If you can be about The Work. When you’re about The Work you have your mind deeply entrenched in making your product or service great. Period. You cannot rest until it’s great. You are making it more for the achievement of something great than for The Score. You measure your progress not by dollars, but by greatness. Steve Jobs was about The Work. Yes, nobody said being about The Work can’t make you rich, but getting rich isn’t the point for those who are about The Work. Job’s last words to the John Lassiter, the man who runs Pixar, one of the companies Job’s founded, wasn’t “Keep it profitable.” His last words to Lassiter were, “Keep the stories great.”

The Score & The Work.

Both are valid ways to be.

And both can make you wealthy.

But only one way can make you deeply fulfilled.

And only one way can make you epic.



January 9th, 2013

Incredible Clarity is a difference maker.

When you enter another country you'll usually be asked something like, 'Who are you, where are you going, and why?'

You'd best have really good answers to these three questions at the border but more importantly right now, in your life.

Two years ago, I launched a new dream-doers community called MIGHT. In MIGHT we give our members a place to write out their Vision, Mission and Big Y. Well, I began to notice that most people had TERRIBLY written answers to these three all-important things. I was shocked at how bad most people's answers were! Answers that were vague. Uninspired. Too short. Too long. Soul-less. B-l-a-n-k.


And these people were consistently:


√ Missing in action on their real dream,

√ Hesitant and fearful

√ Procrastinating continually.


But the story continues…


I noticed that the few people who did have Incredible Clarity on these things were thriving at their dreams. They were producing at least 5 times better results then those who's answers were ill-defined, blank or crap. 


That's when I realized that Incredible Clarity is the Master Step, and a tipping point! It separates the winners from the procrastinators.


Then I put it to the test. I took 10 clients who had poor clarity and I personally coached them to Incredible Clarity on their Vision, Mission and Big Y. The results were nothing short of astounding. 


Those I coached were suddenly "Clear!"

They were "On-Fire!"

Their motivation was boosted with passion and purpose.

They knew what actions to take!

They were suddenly no longer willing to procrastinate!

Let me repeat that last sentence: They were suddenly no longer willing to procrastinate!

CLARITY IS EVERYTHING. Without Incredible Clarity, your dreams perish. But with it you thrive and create astounding results.


All high performers and millionaires have Incredible Clarity about WHO They Are, WHERE They're Going, and WHY they're going to make it! 


And it's precisely this Incredible Clarity that gives them their amazing drive.

If you want Incredible Clarity you may be interested in this.

January 8th, 2013

Do you remember where you were a year ago?

Do you remember what you were caring and dreaming about?

A year ago today I was excitedly participating in the official launch of our MIGHT software with an East Coast company. It meant hundreds of new members overnight and the promise of potentially thousands. It was an excellent day and a nice benchmark as we began our second year in the business of implementing action-taking communities.

What do you do? What do you have a mad passion for? My new company MIGHT, we have a mad passion for helping people take action. Not learn more, but rather to take action. Action is the fast track to results.

How did your year unfold? As you planned? Not likely.

MIGHT's launch a year ago with the big company didn't come to thousands of members. Our partner company fizzled and folded in December. But such is the entrepreneurs journey. Everything is a stepping stone. Set backs are par for the course. We had plenty of them all year long. But in hindsight each set back was a stepping stone.

Did you take inventory of the stepping stones you encountered and created last year? It's helpful to see how far you've come. It's good to see the strange ways the universe is helping you along the way.

That deal we did with that company a year ago turned out to be the fast track for getting all the kinks out of software. Our web platform took many huge leaps forward. Essentially we went from v 1.0 to v 2.0 – and version 2.0 is fantastic. It's literally something the world has never seen before. 

We also learned a ton about our business. It is so easy to overlook the learning that is necessary to every new successful endeavor. You'd like to think you can just get in their and rock your idea. But really, you have a lot to learn about your new idea if you are truly to succeed.

What I'm saying here is that I hope you looked back on your progress of 2012, assessed it, and saw great gains. I hope you saw that all the set backs were also stepping stones.

October 23rd, 2012

Patrick spoke to entrepreneurs last winter in the Bahamas. We thought we'd start sharing clips from his talk. This one really encourages you to do one of Patrick's favorite processes for success. When's the last time you had a date with your dreams?

October 13th, 2012

Patrick recently addressed college students at Kansas State University urging them to follow their passion and teaching them how. KSU loved the talk so much that they are rebroadcasting it around the state. You can view the talk in its entirety on KSU's website:

August 18th, 2011

March 20th, 2011

March 17th, 2011

Today in my new business, MIGHT club, the revolutionary web application software that is our core product was completed! Six months in the making. Should have/could have cost easily cost us high six figures, but it did not. My partner and I didn't get it done with money. We got it done with what we call MIGHT: power and possibility-thinking.

First of all, we assumed it must be possible to get our expensive dream done without money.

It's easy to think the magic key to all your dreams, visions and projects is lots of money. But I assure you it is not. I recently watched two separate entrepreneurs allocate more than $500,000 to create software and never get a finished, working system. Time and time again, I've seen money not be the magic key. Because money can't buy vision. You have to bring that. Disney had to bring that. And money can't buy success. You have to manage and guide that. When you take money and apply it to your dream, passion or project, it's only going to take your abilities and flaws and magnify them. So truly, money isn't the magic key to your success. You are. You, your vision, gumption, creativity and possibility-thinking are. Remember that and money will be a whole lot less important to you making remarkable things happen.

See most people hope money can help them avoid having to envision, decide or create "it" themselves. But I assure you, if you're out to do something remarkable, you have to lead with vision, clarity and decisions. Money can't have a vision or make decisions for you. And people you hire can only do as well as you guide them to.

We got hundreds of thousands of dollars of programming work done, on-time!, and without money because of a clear compelling vision that inspired both confidence and creativity in the programmers, an insanely well developed series of diagrams that we could show the programmers of what we wanted (when you can give a super-detailed picture of what you want makes it vastly easier for others to give you what you want), and by some sharing of the profits on the back end. See, we got it down with power and possibility-thinking.  

MIGHT is more powerful than money.

March 15th, 2011

Money is dangled as the carrot everywhere. Millions. Fast. Freedom. Riches. Lifestyle. Millionaire makers. Automatic millionaires. Seven figure success. Etc. Etc. And experience has shown me how many people like to smoke this dream. The dream of becoming the millionaire who loves their life because of tons of money erasing all their problems, confirming them as a bonafide success, and making life easy and wonderful. And as long as people like to smoke this pipe dream, there will be tons of people selling it. (And here's a little trade secret: most of the people selling it won't even have the financial success they're selling).

There's nothing wrong with aiming to become a millionaire. But when money becomes a primary reason for choosing your aims in life, you're inner-tubing down a river with a bunch of other people smoking a seven figure dream that's already bankrupt and headed for a waterfall. What you choose to trade a lot of your life energy (and time) for better have soul, or sooner or later, you'll hit a wall.

One of the grand secrets to success is soul. Don't soul out.