Patrick Combs is a Hall of Fame inspirational speaker, a Best Selling author, and a highly acclaimed comedic entertainer. He has been the invited guest speaker of more than 1,500 organizations and he’s been the star comedic entertainer on more than 400 stages around the world.

Patrick brings a unique and extraordinary talent to every stage he steps onto. He is a masterful storyteller, a command performer, an extremely uplifting personality, and a consummate professional held in the highest regard by his audiences and hosts.

He has accomplished a rare level success in the speaking industry, the writing world, and the entertainment business.

In speaking he has personally addressed and inspired more than 1 million people live and has spoken in every U.S. state and more than 10 countries. His 3 books have sold more than 150,000 copies and his posted stories & blogs have been read online by millions.

The comedic one-man show Patrick wrote, directed and starred in, MAN 1, BANK 0, has wowed audiences and critics on more than 400 stages around the globe, from New York to London. For it, HBO named Patrick the funniest new performer in America.

Along the way, Patrick’s been a cover story in the New York Times, The London Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The San Francisco Chronicle and a more than 100 newspapers.

He’s appeared on ABC Nightly NewsNBC Nightly News, Good Morning America, The Phil Donahue Show, CNN, NPR, The Tonight Show, and The View for an interview with Barbara Walters.

And yes, he once actually delivered a stranger’s baby on a sidewalk in San Francisco, while walking to work. And he took a stand for customer service and stood up to a large bank, in a battle regarding a $95,000 junk-mail check. Both stories were headline news.

Additionally, Patrick is often called on by CEO’s, thought leaders, executives and authors for master level speech coaching.