A tale of two people, in one body

Are there two aspects of your bliss that you can't put together logically?

I have a hard time rationally understanding how I can be both a success coach and an artist. To me, they almost seem at odds with each other.

I must confess I've long felt like it was almost a curse, to not just have the desire to be one of the two. It would be so much simpler from my career perspectives. And I might be so much more easily understood by those trying to understand who I am. Oh Patrick, he's a speaker. Or, Oh Patrick, he's a theater solo show performer. Then I'd have one website. One focus. One brochure. And you'd have an easy understanding of me. 

I've spent more days than I care for you to know trying to figure which one I truly am, so that I can leave the other behind – and just be the best version of the ONE me I can. Instead of two versions of me.

But I think I've finally figured it out. I am who I am. And the way I tick inside doesn't fit into a tidy box. I am not a speaker, or an monologist, or a coach, or a entrepreneur – I'm a complex mix of many blissful desires that when played out on life's stage add up to the photo album of my life – one of much variety. On stage in a theater one day, a comedic actor. On stage another day, an inspirational speaker. At the head of a table another day, a large company co-founder.

Not that there isn't a theme, a thru-line to it all because there is: No matter what I'm doing; speaking, writing, storytelling, comedy, entrepreneuring, or interviewing – what's always present is my authentic and unique spirit. Somewhere in all these things, my true essence is present. I don't pretend to know what my true essence appears to be to others. (Please tell me if you do) But I know it's present because I don't do things that aren't truly me.

I've got to pay bills, make my mortgage, support my family, blah, blah, blah – but I've always got to be me doing it.

George Carlin was 20 years into a successful comedy career when he was very clear that the problem was that there was no real George Carlin in the George Carlin comedy show. So although successful he was deeply unsatisfied. Of course I'm still seeking the truest version of my artist voice every time I work, but I think I've been fortunate to get a good portion of my true self into all my work. 

I'm on a photo shoot today, and just thought I'd type a note instead of doing nothing during the waiting, so let me wrap this up and figure out what I'm trying to say here…

Being true to who I actually am has meant coming to terms that I am the complex mix of my blissful urges. They don't fit neatly into a simple category that makes me simple to understand. And that's very good thing. Because if we have the courage to express our true complex self, that's what makes us not like everybody else.

Burn Bright!

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