MIGHT vs Money

Today in my new business, MIGHT club, the revolutionary web application software that is our core product was completed! Six months in the making. Should have/could have cost easily cost us high six figures, but it did not. My partner and I didn't get it done with money. We got it done with what we call MIGHT: power and possibility-thinking.

First of all, we assumed it must be possible to get our expensive dream done without money.

It's easy to think the magic key to all your dreams, visions and projects is lots of money. But I assure you it is not. I recently watched two separate entrepreneurs allocate more than $500,000 to create software and never get a finished, working system. Time and time again, I've seen money not be the magic key. Because money can't buy vision. You have to bring that. Disney had to bring that. And money can't buy success. You have to manage and guide that. When you take money and apply it to your dream, passion or project, it's only going to take your abilities and flaws and magnify them. So truly, money isn't the magic key to your success. You are. You, your vision, gumption, creativity and possibility-thinking are. Remember that and money will be a whole lot less important to you making remarkable things happen.

See most people hope money can help them avoid having to envision, decide or create "it" themselves. But I assure you, if you're out to do something remarkable, you have to lead with vision, clarity and decisions. Money can't have a vision or make decisions for you. And people you hire can only do as well as you guide them to.

We got hundreds of thousands of dollars of programming work done, on-time!, and without money because of a clear compelling vision that inspired both confidence and creativity in the programmers, an insanely well developed series of diagrams that we could show the programmers of what we wanted (when you can give a super-detailed picture of what you want makes it vastly easier for others to give you what you want), and by some sharing of the profits on the back end. See, we got it down with power and possibility-thinking.  

MIGHT is more powerful than money.

Don’t Soul Out

Money is dangled as the carrot everywhere. Millions. Fast. Freedom. Riches. Lifestyle. Millionaire makers. Automatic millionaires. Seven figure success. Etc. Etc. And experience has shown me how many people like to smoke this dream. The dream of becoming the millionaire who loves their life because of tons of money erasing all their problems, confirming them as a bonafide success, and making life easy and wonderful. And as long as people like to smoke this pipe dream, there will be tons of people selling it. (And here's a little trade secret: most of the people selling it won't even have the financial success they're selling).

There's nothing wrong with aiming to become a millionaire. But when money becomes a primary reason for choosing your aims in life, you're inner-tubing down a river with a bunch of other people smoking a seven figure dream that's already bankrupt and headed for a waterfall. What you choose to trade a lot of your life energy (and time) for better have soul, or sooner or later, you'll hit a wall.

One of the grand secrets to success is soul. Don't soul out.



Three months ago, I believe it was, I decided to begin creating my second solo theater show. After some consideration, I decided I would go forth with the title, Foolhardy. I liked the word. And thus began putting in for festivals that were far in the distant future, distant galaxies.

But then came the first surprise. One of the festivals required immediately, a 50 word description of the show. 50 words is almost as short as a Twitter post, but made significantly harder to compose when you have ZERO idea what your show is going to be about.  I needed months more time for that, but the application deadline was staring back at me demanding 50 words by 4 p.m.

"What is FoolHardy? For starters, at the time this description is due, Patrick had only the title, but no show. Not a lick. But he put in for the Rogue anyway. That’s Foolhardy. The show will be too. Chronicles of being foolhardy. Live Brave. Crash Hard."

With my 50 words accomplished, I told myself I'd work on the show script next, knowing I had months to do it. Boy can time fly.

I packed my overnight bag today for my trip to Fresno, to debut Foolhardy, with 3 performances. Woke up with not one single word of the show developed. I'm not bragging here.

On the way out the door I caught a lucky break. I discovered my first show wasn't until tomorrow afternoon. One unexpected day in a hotel room to come up with something. There is a God.

And now, I'm in that hotel room. It's 3:23, and instead of writing the show. I'm writing this. Something might seriously be wrong with me, just saying. I sit here waiting for my internal fire alarm to go off. But it seems some subconscious part of me has fallen asleep near the panic button.

I showed up. That's what matters. To get the ball rolling. That's what works.
Must grab a pen and paper. Must write something…. Soon. Time is running out.

To be continued.

From Fresno,


Try #3. It MIGHT change your life.


We always confine ourselves to doing things as we would. And that's our limitation. You've got to play bigger than you would.

There are three ways for you to go about going for it:

1. As you have in the past.
2. As you think to do now.
3. As someone who plays bigger would. <—-*

Most of us are trying to get big results by going for it based on #1 or #2.

But try #3. Try working on your dream as someone who plays bigger than you would.

I've recently launched a new company called MIGHT. (Might is the only word in the dictionary that means both power and possibility).

In MIGHT, we usher creatives, mavericks, dreamers, visionaries and innovators into playing bigger, with extraordinary consistency.

The #3 option above is one of the mental memes we usher our clients into because it's so good at increasing results, and breaking us out of our limititations.

For instance, MIGHT could be a small company that acquires 500 clients and supports my lifestyle nicely – and that's precisely what it will be hamstrung to do if I build it as I think to do now or have done in the past.

But for MIGHT to reach it's full potential, which is immeasurably larger than what I'm capable of, I have to move the company forward with #3 thoughts.

#3 thoughts are what drive us to pick up the phone and call a marketer who is infinitely better than we'll ever be in our life, – certainly capable of thousands of members – rather than to apply our marketing skills which are good for 500 clients at best.

The keys to winning big:

√ You must Play Bigger
√ To play bigger, you must be able to astound yourself
√ To astound yourself, you must be able to exceed yourself.
√ The most reliable way to exceed yourself is with #3 thinking.

#3 thinking works. You can actually Play Bigger than you would. Try it. It's quite remarkable really.

Next time you go to work on a big dream, instead of asking yourself, "How should I go about this?", ask,

"How would someone who plays bigger than me go about this?"

#3 thinking is a reliable and true way to Play Bigger and get bigger results.

I created six and seven figure results on three of my crazy dreams (speaking, writing and theater) by Playing Bigger.

A good player plays his game well. But a great player exceeds herself by playing bigger than she ordinarily would, with advice that abhors playing small.

Exceed yourself. Set yourself free.

Rock your might,

Patrick Combs