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We’re All a Little Crazy

I laughed at myself so hard two years ago when I realized I was almost as nuts as the crazy person talking to themselves out loud and having arguments with people who weren’t there…. This is my story.

(I shared it on FB yesterday more people have viewed it and shared it than any other video I’ve made, so apparently I’m not alone).


Rather than trying to give you the highlights of this video, I’m going to let it speak for itself. The highlights wouldn’t do the story justice. So I hope you’ll watch it and post a comment about it so I know what you thought.

Thank you for being on my newsletter list, for receiving my work in the world, for trusting me, and in the case of so many of you, for being a friend. We’re all in this thing called life together, and I’m no good alone. I think we all need one another, and I think we all need to help one another by sharing our gifts and talents with as many people as we can.

I encourage you to reach out to me directly to make a connection. I love meeting like-minded people. 

Living Present, Passionate, and Purposefully,

Patrick Combs

When You’re a Creative with Kids

Do you have kids?

And do you invest a lot of time with them every single day?

I have two kids (16 & 7 years old) and I’m all in with my kids every day. I drive them to school. I pick them up from school. I go to every soccer game and every volleyball game. I shop and I clean up after them. I watch movies with them and do fun things with them. I help them with school. Etc. Etc. You know the drill.

It leaves me only a few hours a day to work.

But I’m also a passionate creative/artist/entreprenuer. So to have a career these days, I need a different approach to my creative/work endeavors.

So I thought I’d share how I do my career even though being with my kids leaves very little time for work.


I explain it all better in the video, but some of the cliff notes are (a) I don’t compare myself to entrepreneurs who don’t have kids or who do but are workaholics, (b) I don’t compare myself to myself in my 20’s before I had kids, (3) I embrace the season’s of life, (4) I still hold that I can produce wonderful results even with the time limitations, (5) I leverage my ability to work more efficiently and masterfully. I explain it all much better in the video.

It’s cool to build an epic company. But you know what’s even cooler? To build an epic kid. If you’re making career sacrifices to raise your kids well, you need to remember that!

Living Present, Passionate, and Purposefully,

Patrick Combs

Creatives, please Stop Trying to Be Rich, Famous or #1!

Okay, I’m tired of seeing so many creatives and artists screwing themselves over with the counter-productive aims of trying to be rich, famous or #1. 

So today I made a throw-down video about it.


What’s the matter with trying to rich, famous or #1? (the big ugly 3).

Almost everything!

For starters it’s an emotional hell, a self-imposed suffering because you’re never going to be rich enough, famous enough or #1 forever (if ever). 

– There is always someone richer.

– There is always someone more famous.

– There is always someone ranked higher.

Secondly, the big ugly 3, will never leave you feeling fulfilled. They are hollow goals.

Ask a rich person if they’re fulfilled by money?

Ask a famous person if fame fulfills them?

Ask whomever is currently #1 if they feel secure?

But worst of all, the big ugly 3, will leave you suffering at your desk daily as you try to achieve them. If they are your aim, you will carry constant feelings of disappointment in yourself that come in the form of, “not there yet,” “not good enough”, “failing my goals,” “still poor,” “still not famous”, “maybe I suck.”

Many a good creative/artist/entrepreneur has been K.O.’d at their desk by these underlying mal-aligned aims.

I learned long ago there was a better way. A better aim. And I’ve lived by it as I set out to follow my passion into speaking, into theatre, into writing and into software. 

My aim isn’t rich, famous or #1. My aim is Love of the Game. And my aim is a process not results. When you make the switch your career suddenly starts working, really working!

I hope what I’m saying on this video I made today help you up your game, and live your passion on a daily basis with far greater ease and fulfillment. Hey, leave a comment. I want to know you. Subscribe. Connect to me on Facebook. Tell me about you. Call me if you want, 858-759-6994.

Rock On,

Patrick Combs

San Diego, CA

Make a Living vs Make a Life

Quick story.

When I was beginning my career as a speaker I used to constantly sweat my results.

Did my mailing work?? How many people booked me?? Does it look like I’ll make enough money?? How many people responded? How many books sold?

When I thought my results where good, I was happy.

But when I thought results weren’t good enough or happening fast enough, I was completely stressed and anguished.

It was such a a huge emotional drain,

Then one year I had a pretty big crash in my business.

Things stopped working.

I started losing my motivation.

But it was from this hard time that I discovered a better way.

I started seeing others who didn’t focus on their results yet DID WAY BETTER.

I wish I’d known about it much sooner. It would have accelerated my success and saved me a lot of anguish.
I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.

It’s an uncommon approach to success but it truly works wonders.