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Unmotivated for Your Passion?


One of the craziest most misunderstood feelings in life is when you actually lack motivation for your own freaking passion!

What the hell? It’s your passion – it’s supposed to motivate you!

But it’s actually very common to lack the motivation to go for your passion.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I have lacked motivation for my own passions enough times to write a book on it. But I’ve also figured out the problem, so let me give you the solution.

What’s going on when you lack motivation for you passion?

It’s usually the case of having not crossed one very important internal threshold.

Call it a bridge you have to cross over and until you do, your stuck in quicksand looking at all the fortunate people who are on fire for their dreams.

When you lack motivation for your passion chances are you need a more audacious self-image.

You need to latch onto a much bolder, brighter, grander vision of yourself.

In this video, I explain how to align your self-image correctly with your passion and explodes your motivation.

Most people fail to have the right self-image necessary to live out their passion on the big stage, to do what I call, Accomplish Your Incredible.

Most people’s self-image is about six sizes smaller than it needs to be. And it makes all-the-difference-in-your-world!

How audacious is the vision you have of yourself? How bold is your self-image?

Let me know in the comments and I’ll tell you about mine.

Remember this: You’ve got to See Yourself Boldly to Be Yourself Fully.

Seeing yourself boldly requires you really stretch the way you see yourself. It requires you throw off the shackles of small or medium thoughts about your capabilities – and instead, be so audacious as to create a really beautiful vision of you being really amazing and accomplishing really incredible things that you love.

I set up an entire company to help you live your passionate. If you’re ready to live the most explosively wonderful version of you, check out

Have an epic week. Give your gift.