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False vs True Passions

Know Your Passion

Why is it so hard to know your true passion?

It’s because a passion actually looks and feels different than most people guess.

People routinely pick a false passion. We all have chosen something we thought was our passion only to find out it really wasn’t at all.

So let me give you three reliable indicators of your true passion and the single two biggest false flags.

I’m not sure if you know this but I’ve chosen three true passions correctly and three passions incorrectly.

The three passions I identified correctly each resulted in highly successful careers that have lasted each 10+ years.

The three false passions I mistakenly chose each resulted in a lot of time wasted and didn’t add up to anything except valuable lessons learned about how not to choose your passion.

Most people fail to recognize that passion is first and foremost a skill choice, and a choice for a talent you’d most like to master.

Know Your Passion

When this concept and the 3 signposts I share in this video are present, then I know it’s a true passion that I can count on for success.

Passion is not a choice based on seeing things and results that glitter like gold to you.

Who is the last person you saw that made you think, “I’d love to be able to do what they do!”

Let me know in the comments..and I’ll share some of mine.

Remember this..

“I’d love to be great at THAT!” is first signpost.

There are two essential sign posts after that before it’s safe to say it’s a true passion for you. But make sure you’re first identifying your passion by a talent you’d like to master, not a shiny object you’d like to have.

Have an epic week!