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The Score & The Work

There are two things you can be about:

The Score. Or…

The Work.

If you’d like to make some money faster, be about The Score. Take or make whatever product you think will sell and quickly get to selling it for as much as you think you can grab.

Many people are about The Score. You’re about The Score if you have your mind firmly trained on the dollars and the deals. I’ve been behind the scenes with people who are about The Score.  I can tell you from experience if you want dollars faster, put your energy into becoming great at selling. Period. Selling. Selling yourself. Selling your product. Selling the Dream. Selling. As much as I tried to make it different, my previous company was about The Score. So is that toy company that sells a crap kid toy that breaks in a day.


If you can be about The Work. When you’re about The Work you have your mind deeply entrenched in making your product or service great. Period. You cannot rest until it’s great. You are making it more for the achievement of something great than for The Score. You measure your progress not by dollars, but by greatness. Steve Jobs was about The Work. Yes, nobody said being about The Work can’t make you rich, but getting rich isn’t the point for those who are about The Work. Job’s last words to the John Lassiter, the man who runs Pixar, one of the companies Job’s founded, wasn’t “Keep it profitable.” His last words to Lassiter were, “Keep the stories great.”

The Score & The Work.

Both are valid ways to be.

And both can make you wealthy.

But only one way can make you deeply fulfilled.

And only one way can make you epic.



Who are you, where are you going, and why?

Incredible Clarity is a difference maker.

When you enter another country you'll usually be asked something like, 'Who are you, where are you going, and why?'

You'd best have really good answers to these three questions at the border but more importantly right now, in your life.

Two years ago, I launched a new dream-doers community called MIGHT. In MIGHT we give our members a place to write out their Vision, Mission and Big Y. Well, I began to notice that most people had TERRIBLY written answers to these three all-important things. I was shocked at how bad most people's answers were! Answers that were vague. Uninspired. Too short. Too long. Soul-less. B-l-a-n-k.


And these people were consistently:


√ Missing in action on their real dream,

√ Hesitant and fearful

√ Procrastinating continually.


But the story continues…


I noticed that the few people who did have Incredible Clarity on these things were thriving at their dreams. They were producing at least 5 times better results then those who's answers were ill-defined, blank or crap. 


That's when I realized that Incredible Clarity is the Master Step, and a tipping point! It separates the winners from the procrastinators.


Then I put it to the test. I took 10 clients who had poor clarity and I personally coached them to Incredible Clarity on their Vision, Mission and Big Y. The results were nothing short of astounding. 


Those I coached were suddenly "Clear!"

They were "On-Fire!"

Their motivation was boosted with passion and purpose.

They knew what actions to take!

They were suddenly no longer willing to procrastinate!

Let me repeat that last sentence: They were suddenly no longer willing to procrastinate!

CLARITY IS EVERYTHING. Without Incredible Clarity, your dreams perish. But with it you thrive and create astounding results.


All high performers and millionaires have Incredible Clarity about WHO They Are, WHERE They're Going, and WHY they're going to make it! 


And it's precisely this Incredible Clarity that gives them their amazing drive.

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