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Try #3. It MIGHT change your life.


We always confine ourselves to doing things as we would. And that's our limitation. You've got to play bigger than you would.

There are three ways for you to go about going for it:

1. As you have in the past.
2. As you think to do now.
3. As someone who plays bigger would. <—-*

Most of us are trying to get big results by going for it based on #1 or #2.

But try #3. Try working on your dream as someone who plays bigger than you would.

I've recently launched a new company called MIGHT. (Might is the only word in the dictionary that means both power and possibility).

In MIGHT, we usher creatives, mavericks, dreamers, visionaries and innovators into playing bigger, with extraordinary consistency.

The #3 option above is one of the mental memes we usher our clients into because it's so good at increasing results, and breaking us out of our limititations.

For instance, MIGHT could be a small company that acquires 500 clients and supports my lifestyle nicely – and that's precisely what it will be hamstrung to do if I build it as I think to do now or have done in the past.

But for MIGHT to reach it's full potential, which is immeasurably larger than what I'm capable of, I have to move the company forward with #3 thoughts.

#3 thoughts are what drive us to pick up the phone and call a marketer who is infinitely better than we'll ever be in our life, – certainly capable of thousands of members – rather than to apply our marketing skills which are good for 500 clients at best.

The keys to winning big:

√ You must Play Bigger
√ To play bigger, you must be able to astound yourself
√ To astound yourself, you must be able to exceed yourself.
√ The most reliable way to exceed yourself is with #3 thinking.

#3 thinking works. You can actually Play Bigger than you would. Try it. It's quite remarkable really.

Next time you go to work on a big dream, instead of asking yourself, "How should I go about this?", ask,

"How would someone who plays bigger than me go about this?"

#3 thinking is a reliable and true way to Play Bigger and get bigger results.

I created six and seven figure results on three of my crazy dreams (speaking, writing and theater) by Playing Bigger.

A good player plays his game well. But a great player exceeds herself by playing bigger than she ordinarily would, with advice that abhors playing small.

Exceed yourself. Set yourself free.

Rock your might,

Patrick Combs